Dental Exam & Cleaning in Chula Vista

Dental Exam and Cleaning in Chula Vista

Caring for your teeth and gum is a no brainer. You have no excuse not to maintain a high level of oral hygiene every time. How can this be accomplished? By carrying out regular dental exam and cleaning. For your Dental Exam & Cleaning in Chula Vista, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Risos’s dental office. We are the perfect choice for your dental health care. We are known to provide top notch Dental Exam & Cleaning services to the residents of Chula Vista and nearby communities.

What we do - Dental Exam & Cleaning Services

At Dr. Risos’s dental office, we are always dedicated to provide top quality dental exam & cleaning services. We always aim at ensuring that you preserve a high level of dental hygiene. Our dental exam and cleaning services are comprehensive and specialized. We offer you Expert Dental Cleaning which includes hand instruments, calculus control, and polishing.


Hand Instruments
Our highly experienced team of dental experts utilize special hand instruments to carefully remove bacterial toxins, plaque, food debris, tartar deposits, and lots more from your teeth and root surfaces. You will be left with clean teeth and gum.
Calculus Control
We use of ultramodern equipment to proficiently wash away any tartar, or calculus, that must have gathered between your teeth and gum. This is our way of preventing any form of gum disease..
Furthermore, minor surface stains and plaque will be removed by using a polishing plate. The polishing substance has little amount of flavor in them. You will be left with a refreshed and revitalized mouth.

Give Us a Call for Your Dental Exam & Cleaning in Chula Vista

Your regular every day brushing may not be enough to achieve first class oral and dental health. The best thing to do is to visit a dental care expert for your dental exam & cleaning in Chula Vista. If you will love to know more about the procedures we use in our dental exam and cleaning, simply call us on 619.482.8880. Dr. Risos’s dental office have the right equipment, and expertise to provide you with top notch dental exam & cleaning services.