Dental Fillings in Chula Vista

Dental Fillings in Chula Vista

Everything we eat has a resultant effect on our dental health. We are of the habit of consuming chocolate, candy, coffee, tea, etc. If the teeth are not properly taken care of, the chances of having tooth decay cannot be escaped. When this occurs, dental fillings in Chula Vista offers the best way to treat cavities or tooth decay.

In case you are in search of a reliable dentist for your dental fillings in Chula Vista, Dr. Deanna Risos dental office is the perfect fit. At Dr. Deanna Risos Office, we have been recognized for offering high quality, professional dental fillings services. We have been able to offer patients a fast and effective way of preventing and treating tooth decay, be it minor or major.

What We Do

At Dr. Deanna Risos Office, we are committed to offering the best dental fillings in Chula Vista to our patients. We offer you various choices based on the dental fillings you want. Regardless of the one you opt for, the aim is to prevent additional decay from occurring. Some of the types of filling we offer include


Tooth-colored Composites
For those looking for a type of dental filling that matches the color of their teeth, this type of dental filling is the ideal choice. They are made using composite resin and feature beautiful and aesthetic restorations. They also create a chemical bond to the tooth, giving it added strength.
These remains one of the oldest options of dental fillings in Chula Vista, yet, highly durable. Silver is not often recommended due to the mercury content. Besides, the color is different from that of your teeth.
These are very similar to composite resin in that they also match your tooth’s color, however they are more abrasive. Porcelain or ceramic fillings may last awhile and are also more resistant to stains.

The Procedure

The procedure is usually quick. Everything will be completed within an hour. Local anesthesia will be applied to numb the area if necessary. We will make you comfortable all through the dental filling procedure.

Contact Us for Your Dental Fillings in Chula Vista

At Dr. Deanna Risos dental office, we work with highly experienced dental experts that are always ready to provide an appropriate solution to your tooth decay issues. We will gladly help you in deciding the best dental fillings in Chula Vista that meets your needs and budget. For more information on dental fillings in Chula Vista, contact us or Call 619.482.8880.