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When to Consider Dental Fillings in Chula Vista CA

dental fillings

Tooth decay is a preventable infection, and you can stop it from damaging your teeth with proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups for preventative care. But once cavities occur, it’s important that you treat them as soon as possible to prevent them from getting bigger and causing more trouble and even pain if the infection reaches the tooth pulp. Fortunately, chipped teeth and cavities can be easily treated in a single appointment using dental fillings. 

The Risk of Leaving Cavities Untreated

Chipped or fractured teeth rarely cause any discomfort, unless the cavity is big enough to cause tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold items. As such, many people only consider dental fillings as an aesthetic solution to fix their smile. What you may not realize is that cavities cause 

Roughness on the tooth surface that can trap bacteria in the mouth, causing tooth decay. 

If this problem continues untreated, the cavity can enlarge and infect the pulp tissue, putting you at risk of more expensive treatment like root canal therapy. You are also at increased risk of gum disease if the infection spreads to the gums, bad breath from food particles stuck in the tooth, and even tooth loss. 

It’s recommended that you treat any cases of broken teeth or decay as early as possible through dental fillings. 

The Procedure for Fillings 

If the dentist determines that fillings are the best option to repair your tooth, the area will be anesthetized using a numbing injection to make the procedure painless. The cavity will then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Next, the filling material of your choice will be applied directly to the tooth, layer by layer until the desired form is achieved. The material is then cemented in place using a special light to ensure it’s securely bonded to your tooth.

Schedule Your Appointment Today 

To determine whether dental fillings are right for you, please schedule a dental consultation with your dentist in Chula Vista. This will allow you to discuss your treatment options, and the best way to restore the full function of your mouth and achieve a healthy-looking smile. 

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