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Patients and dentists alike are always concerned about the control infection control during complex dental procedures. To solve this problem, dentists come up with an agent that can treat and eliminate infections as well as supporting the surrounding tissue without causing any negative side effects. It’s called ozone/oxygen dentistry or oxygen/ozone therapy for dentistry.

What is oxygen/ozone dentistry?

Oxygen/ ozone dentistry is a new dental practice that uses ozone/ oxygen therapy in every stage of dental care to treat both the cause and the symptoms of the dental problem. It is a proactive approach to dentistry that focuses not only on treatment but also on enhancing the outcome.

What are the benefits of oxygen/ozone therapy in dentistry?

Ozone/oxygen dentistry improves the outcome of your dental care significantly. For example, periodontal disease which infects both bone and gum can be eliminated without the use of pharmaceutical drugs by simply applying different forms of oxygen/ozone into the infected gum pockets.

Oxygen/ozone dentistry is used to sterilize the tooth when performing root canal therapy in order to allow for a truly biological root canal and retention of your natural teeth.

A proper application of oxygen/ozone therapy can immediately arrest tooth decay eliminating the need for drilling of the tooth to administer treatment. This is especially useful when treating little children.

It’s true that ozone/oxygen therapy in dentistry has revolutionized the way we conduct dental practice in Chula Vista.

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Dr. Deanna Risos is a biological dentist trained in ozone/oxygen dentistry who is committed to proving you with the best possible ozone/oxygen therapy in Chula Vista. Dr. Risos is devoted to providing you with a renewed confidence and peace of mind through effective ozone/oxygen dentistry in Chula Vista.


In addition to ozone/oxygen dentistry, Dr. Deanna Risos offers essential dental care services to patients in Chula Vista such as general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, teeth whitening, dental fillings, sleep apnea and much more.

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